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"Top 8 most crazy people with there power"

These are crazy people in the world till now 
These are the crazy people in the world. Everyone has a passion for some people their passion brings them craziest things in their life they went so far that they can’t lead their life without boing there following things. Having passion is a good thing but these people change the meaning of the passion by doing the following things. with this we can see that there are some people can do anything to follow their passion to the world
Top 8 crazy people
Michel Lotito(Crazy)
Michel Lotito (June fifteen, 1950 – June twenty-five, 2007) was a French individual, born in city, far-famed for deliberately overwhelming uneatable objects. He came to be called Monsieur Mangetout - mister Eat-All
His performances concerned the consumption of metal, glass, rubber and alternative materials. He disassembled, cut-up, and consumedbicycles, searching carts, televisions, a Cessna a hundred and fifty, and alternative things. The Cessna a hundred and fifty took roughly 2 years to be "eaten", from 1978 to 1980. He began uptake uncommon material as a young adult around sixteen years ancient and performed publically from 1966.
Lotito claimed to not suffer unwell effects from overwhelming the materials, even when overwhelming materials typically thought of toxic. once acting, he consumed around one weight unit (2.2 lb) of fabric daily, preceding it with oil and drinking considerable quantities of water throughout the meal. He said, however, that bananas and hard-boiled eggs created him sick. it's calculable that between 1959 and 1997, Lotito "had consumed nearly 9 loads of metal." 
Lotito's technique for uptake all of this metal was to interrupt it into tiny items before trying to eat it. He then drank oil and continued to drink water whereas swallowing the metal bits. This acted as a lubricator to assist the metal founder his throat. He conjointly had no downside "passing" his uncommon diet.

A Cessna a hundred and fifty, one in every of the additional far-famed things Lotito Greek deity over his period.
Lotito died on "June twenty-five, 2007, 10 days when his 57th birthday" because of natural causes. he's buried at city site.

List of bizarre things consumed
Item  Count
Bicycles              18
Shopping cart     15
Television            7
Chandelier           6
Bed                      2
Skis (pair)            1
Cessna aircraft     1
Coffin                   1
Computer             1

Tim cridland(Crazy)
He was terribly fascinating and shared a number of the techniques he uses to assist him management the discomfort of pain.
Tim mentioned however he accepts the pain as a result of without this acceptance he cannot take care of it. He then dissociates and distorts the discomfort by causing it off from himself and breaking it in to several very little items because it is pink-slipped away. He will then concentrate on only one very little piece that reduces the pain to just about nothing for him.
Tim conjointly explicit that it's necessary to feel the pain to some extent that permits his body to react within the correct thanks to what's happening. for instance, once pushing the needle through his neck or arm he has to remember of its route and what it's going to be touching thus he doesn't injure himself.

Another technique he uses isn't to urge showing emotion attached the pain as this causes associate inessential, totally different and extra kind of discomfort, by removing his feeling relationship with the pain he's left with solely a physical sensation that he's then able to send away and entered several items.

I found Tim to be a awfully open and honest person. I enjoyed listening and sharing ideas from our totally different backgrounds. Him from each a sensible and theoretical purpose of read as compared to my chiefly theoretical perspective.

Szabolcs kollinger(Crazy)
A boughless man is to receive the bionic arms that may let him to hug his mum for the terribly initial time.
Szabolcs Kollinger, from the village of Tahitotfalu close to Hungary|national capital} in Hungary, has Tetra-amelia syndrome.
Only a little range of individuals round the world have the ultra-rare defect, that is defined by the absence of arms and legs.
The 22-year-old was born in Dunapataj, in central Hungary, however was left in thehospital by his mother WHO felt unable to require care of him, ending up during a children's home.

Moltherly Love: Szabolcs Kollinger is kissed by his adopted mother Magdolna

At the age of 3 a Hungarian women's magazine referred to as N'k Lapja ran a writing to search out the correct folks for the abandoned baby boy.
That crystal rectifier to him being adopted by step mum Magdolna Antal czy - WHO additionally has no legs, and only 1 arm.

"I am pretty positive there are not any coincidences in life. Everything is supposed to be," Szabolcs same.

"As so much as i do know, the article and also the advert regarding Pine Tree State was scan persistently, there have been immeasurable folks making an attempt to adopt Pine Tree State however the nurse WHO was taking care of Pine Tree State turned down most of them.

"There was one girl WHO additionally applied, which was my stepmom. once she applied for the adoption program, she was 48-years-old.
"She already had 2 youngsters and wont to sell newspapers. She is extremely kind of like Pine Tree State, has no legs and only 1 hand. She is that the excellent mommy on behalf of me."

Big Hugs:Szabolcs is hugged by his sister - and shortly he are able to hug back

Szabolcs visited a college for youngsters with physical disabilities, wherever he learnt to write down together with his partly developed arms and his mouth, furthermore as the way to eat and drink while not help.
The list of tasks that Szabolcs is ready to accomplish despite his limblessness embrace swimming, enjoying soccer and table game, sledging, attending drawing categories and painting.

He said: "I will swim, I will play soccer, I even play some table game with my relative".

"Having same that, I will solely do some elements of obtaining dressed - however I will place on a shirt or maybe a sweater while not facilitate."
Keen Blogger: Despite his lack of limbs, Szabolcs could be a video blogger
Szabolcs is additionally a keen vlogger and uploads new videos to YouTube weekly, during which he shares new stories and experiences together with his followers.

His videos are watched thousands of times, and he's quickly build up a faithful fan base.

He currently needs to fulfil his dreams of bigger independence and recently scan a writing a few Leeds-based company, Be-Bionic, that's manufacturing bionic arms.

The arms value around £35,000 each, however the National insurance Trust of Hungary has in agreement to hide eightieth of the prices, feat Szabolcs with a £7,000 tag per arm.

The Hungarian has been offered the total quantity from variety of health bodies, however has refused the money, instead beginning an internet crowd-funding campaign to fund the prostheses.

Brave Boy:Szabolcs, pictured here aged three-years-old together with his career, includes a rare condition

"I've determined to not take the total quantity from many trusts, solely as a result of i need my friends to assist Pine Tree State," Szabolcs additional"I am blogging daily and reciprocally i need to share all my stories with the folks that facilitate Pine Tree State."

Szabolcs's dream of bionic arms is currently tantalisingly shut, with not up to £1,000 required to succeed in his target for the primary arm.
And once he has his bionic arms, the primary issue he's getting to do is hug his step mum Antal czy - the girl WHO inspired him to follow his dreams.
josh miramant
After disbursement a lot of of his twenties operating as a computer user in San Francisco, kid Miramant left his job earlier this year to travel. He landed in Tonsai, Thailand, a climbing paradise with large cliffs lining the ocean. There he met a 29-year-old human from capital of the Russian Federation named Stanislav “Stas” Aksenov United Nations agency has been pioneering a brand new thanks to BASE jump that’s virtually inconceivable.

They decision it “suspension BASE.” during a somewhat appalling fashion, the activity combines Associate in Nursing ancient body-piercing art with parachuting: rather than storage your chute during a pack, you attach it with metal hooks on to the skin on your back. Then you jump.
If that sounds gory, you must see this video. It shows Miramant, a 28-year-old long cragsman, capital punishment his 1st suspension BASE move might thirteen, precisely twenty two days when his 1st regular BASE jump, from a 380-foot-high drop. Miramant’s chute was hooked up to four bolts that Aksenov bored into Miramant’s higher in the past mounted shut. (The hooks ar removed shortly when the jump, effort four-millimeter incisions that bleed.)

Miramant denote the video earlier this month to his web site,, and to YouTube. he's solely the eleventh person and third yank to do a suspension BASE jump, in line with each Aksenov and also the International Suspension Alliance in TX. every of these eleven were perforate by Aksenov, United Nations agency 1st lateen up a suspension BASE move another person (one of his friends) 2 and a 0.5 years past.

I honestly thought it would’ve ripped the skin, however it’s pretty superb however durable it's and memorable however not painful it had been,” Miramant same last week from Russia, wherever he's traveling with Aksenov. “The catch of the cover is simply this relief and rush, regarding constant time the pain would be firing. it had been a reasonably superb surprise for an individual with no context of any self-mutilation.”

Why would anyone decide on a suspension hop over one that employs a backpack? “All your instincts regarding safety, they're broken,” Aksenov says. “When you create the jump, the Adrenalin is far stronger. It’s in all probability the foremost pure feeling of flight. It’s simply you and also the cover and zilch else. therefore, you actually feel the flight together with your own skin.

Suspension BASE passed off when Aksenov and a few friends—they decision themselves the “Sinner Team”—began experimenting with suspension freefalls. They jumped off mounted objects hooked up to ropes by hooks and pendulumed back and forth once the ropes caught their fall. Aksenov says he holds the unofficial record with a jump from 560 feet high. “Five years past after I created the primary jump from twenty-five meters, no one believed you'll do that,” Aksenov says. Now, he will it for a living underneath the wrongdoer Team banner with the assistance of donations from strangers. “I build jumps for the individuals. they provide what they require, and it’s enough on behalf of me.”
The medical implications of suspension BASE jumping ar a area, mostly as a result of it's next to not possible to measure what proportion force the cover exerts on the rear from totally different heights—and what proportion force it'd desire rupture the skin. Aksenov same he once adorned from one hook in his higher back with 3 ladies hanging on him, and it took a brief time before his skin began to tear. “We assume you would like around two hundred kilos [441 pounds] to tear one hook out of your back. and that we use four or six hooks for a jump.”
jackie bibby(Crazy)
Jackie Bibby is actually a desirable man with several stories to inform. As a seasoned veteran snake handler of quite thirty years, Jackie has displayed some wonderful feats throughout his lifespan. He holds five Guiness World records!

At the age of eighteen, Bibby had his 1st style of handling snakes at a pit viper Roundup in Brownwood, Texas. throughout his 20's he solely handled snakes for some months out of the year. However, in 1988, when some rehab for alcohol he determined to form a career out of handling rattlesnakes.  He currently handles snakes for a few event each weekend and having a blast!

Jackie's hobby has gained him a lot of ill fame over the years. He often performs at pit viper Round-ups in Lone-Star State and different states and has traveled to Europe many times a year for the past few years to perform there. He has additionally been featured on the fact show on the Animal Planet network titled the ‘Rattlesnake Republic’. The show explores the lives of many elite snake looking groups from Lone-Star State. only recently an exponent of mine WHO happens to figure on a team whose specialty is customizing Salesforce crm for each massive and tiny businesses moreover as different organizations saw repeats of ‘Rattlesnake Republic’ and was blown away. He tried to match the cooperation that's necessary once making well-developed, customized, and integrated cloud-computing applications that square measure straightforward to scale for a company's Salesforce CRM with the kind of cooperation he saw on the show as these men afraid and captured rattlesnakes. FYI: CRM is that the abbreviation for client Relationship Management. corporations and organizations want a CRM created so as to prepare, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, client service, and technical support. making custom applications needs smart communication and much of swish flowing cooperation to form positive everything works seamlessly and with success. we tend to all checked out him sceptically. square measure you kidding? These guys square measure risking their lives making an attempt to form a living looking and capturing rattlesnakes. however, are you able to compare the two? Well, there's a great deal of pressure once making bespoken applications for Salesforce, even as there's a great deal of pressure capturing rattlesnakes. we tend to weren't convinced. but his description of the episode involving Bibby and his team was partaking enough that we tend to all determined to observe repeats of the ‘Rattlesnake Republic’. And it's true. Jackie Bibby is fun. i'd like to see one amongst his live shows.
When asked why he got into pit viper handling, Jackie replies "I guess it had been for the pure excitement. I kicked off in Brownwood, however the snake handler's real competition is in Taylor, Lone-Star State the primary weekend in March annually wherever the National pit viper Sacking Championship is command."

"I got involved pit viper handling for the primary time simply out of highschool. I traveled from my home city of Rising Star twenty-five miles to Brownwood wherever the game of sacking was unreal up by the Jaycees."

It’s been quite forty years Bibby has been handling snakes.  Since 1969 once he 1st started handling rattlesnakes. he is being bitten eleven times, several of them serious enough to land him within the hospital. He was bitten on his leg higher than his boot by an enormous, six-foot pit viper at a non-public show at a building in Addison, Texas. The bit was terribly serious and he was hurried in real time to a hospital. 3 days later, that they had to cut off his leg. His hands tell the story of the many different strikes. Great, formed scars square measure obvious on the within of each forearms whereas a malformed thumb on his hand ends in a very purpose the dimension of a pencil. even if he has had some brushes with death, he still considers himself extraordinarily lucky to be able to continue doing what he loves.

Jackie has two sons, Michael and Matthew. though they show AN interest in snake handling, simply however concerned they're going to opt to be, time can solely tell.

Jackie Bibby additionally will some acting. He has credits for varied made-for-TV movies, tv appearances, and featured films. Take a glance at his acting resume below and see if you have got seen him on the large screen or TV.

spencer seabrook(Crazy)

Spencer Seabrooke poor the planet record for the longest free solo slackline last week, shattering the previous record by seven meters.
Check our story on slacklining in Squamish, BC, with Seabrooke and Allen Stevens, from the Summer issue ofMountain Life Coast Range.

Walk the road Slacklining Finds a aim Squamish
Words: thespian Copeland

Spencer Seabrooke high higher than the Stawamus Chief. Bill Hawley ikon.

From easy-going slackers hanging get in a grass-covered park on a sunny day to the diehards equalisation their method between alpine spires, slacklining is tiptoeing on the sting of thought culture.

Modern slacklining (walking on nylon webbing as opposition circus tightrope), got its begin in Yosemite within the late-’80s and continues to realize quality round the world. In Vancouver, slacklines are not any longer a eccentric sight for passersby and new highlines come about throughout the ocean to Sky every year.

Squamish resident, Allen “Hevy Duty” Stevens was a Camp Four Yosemite dirtbag within the days once slacklining was obtaining off the bottom. He moved to Squamish in 2002 and brought his psych for the game with him. Hevy saw the potential in slacklining and have become a champion of the native scene by beginning Hevyfest: Associate in Nursing annual slackline and music gathering.

What at first began as a bunch of his buddies on the beach with brown baggage tomfoolery on the lines has become a daily a part of Squamish summer culture.

“I wish to see all the folks and simply watch it grow,” he says. At the 2014 Hevyfest, there have been over two hundred waivers signed, a DJ and 15-some slacklines—including a water level out into Howe Sound.
Hevy is stoked to visualize consequent generation taking the game to consequent level: Highlining and free-soloing (without a leash connecting the slackliner to the slackline) many metres from the bottom. “There ar 1,000,000 folks that will walk longlines,” Hevy says. “You arise high and it cuts it right down to 100. you are taking the leash off and it cuts it right down to 5. You’ve need to have the main target. It’s improbably arduous. once I saw Spencer, it had been sort of a breath of recent air.”
Carl Mars, North vale, Squamish. Bill Hawley ikon.

Spencer Seabrooke is Canada’s 1st slackline genius. at first drawn to slacklining when looking at the $64000 Rock Film Tour in could 2012, Seabrooke recently walked a private best—a 70-metre line—on Christmas Eve 2014.

“I have sex for the thrill of it,” Spencer says of free soloing. “Once you're snug catching the road [when you fall], you’re not extremely hoping on the harness and leash. It’s all mental, right? It’s having the ability to beat my fears and execute on one thing i do know I will do and have practiced 100 times before. I don’t have a death instinct. i need to still slackline and highline for an extended time to come back.”

Stemming from a need to share the game, Spencer and shut friend, brant goose Plumley, based Slacklife BC in March 2013. based mostly out of Vancouver, the cluster advocates for slacklining, introduces the uninitiate, and establishes increasingly longer and better lines. Last summer, SlackLife BC organized the Assault on the Chief: 5 lines created over the North Gullies of the Stawamus Chief, that thespian folks from as distant as Fort full admiral and Yucca brevifolia. “Over 100 folks came to envision out the highlines,” brant goose says, “and regarding fifty walked or tried them.”
As public understanding of slacklining grows, Squamish continues to be a center of attention. Down at Nexen Beach, Hevy is going to run Hevyfest once more. “It is that the one and solely slackline park in North America wherever lines ar continually created with free use to the general public,” he says, adding that he’s operating with the District of Squamish to induce the area formally recognized for this purpose.

Seabrooke over the water at Nexen Beach. Jimmy Martinello ikon.
Downtown, signs and posts are erected for a second slackline space across from Pavillion Park, and in 2014, Spencer and therefore the Slacklife BC crew place up new highlines and waterlines throughout the ocean to Sky region as well as Brohm Lake, beacon Park, The mineral Wall and North Gullies on the Chief, Jane Seymour canon and chaplain Mountain.
Walking increasingly longer lines, Spencer continues operating towards a 100-metre goal as his passion for slacklining grows with every step.
“When i used to be mount and climbing, I continually felt at a loss for what to try to to once I got up to those wonderful places,” he says. “Now, that’s wherever the project begins.”

sajad gharibi(Crazy)

Body builder Sajad Gharibi referred to as 'Iranian Hulk' signs up to fight Isis in Asian nation

Professional weight lifter Sajad Gharibi, conjointly referred to as the Persian Hercules, says he desires to become a soldier and plans to start out coaching

An Iranian Jock United Nations agency rose to web high status via social media proclaimed on he plans to visit Asian nation to fight the Muslim State aboard the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Sajad Gharibi, nicknamed “the Iranian Hulk,” unconcealed his arrange to be a part of different Iranian forces fighting in Asian nation in an exceedingly video clip to his 148,000 Instagram followers. His shockingly large physique and big muscles attained the skilled jock the denomination of the yankee mag superhero.

Gharibi has become a well-liked figure among Iranians when he started posting Instagram photos and video clips of himself flexing and lifting weights.

But the recent announcement from the 24-year-old behemoth, United Nations agency is additionally referred to as “the Persian Hercules,” brings revived attention to Iran's current involvement in Asian nation. Iranian capital has provided aid to the Assad regime and sent to the line fighters from its elite Revolutionary Guards and Shiite Muslim proxy militias.
In the video higher than, a rather serious-looking Gharibi speaks in Farsi regarding his want to defend Islamic Republic of Iran. “I have continuously aforementioned and can say that i'll be a soldier for my country,” Gharibi says within the video. He conjointly mentions however he appearance up to Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, head of the Quds Force, a United States Army Special Forces unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps. And he says he plans to start out coaching when Ramadan for 2 to 3 years before presumptively heading to Asian nation — a telling recognition of however intractable Syria’s conflict is also. the complete video is out there on Gharibi's wire channel.

 whereas it's no secret that Islamic Republic of Iran has been concerned in Syria's current warfare, Iranian officers have antecedently stayed comparatively quiet regarding the country's military presence within the war-worn country.

However, as additional Iranian troops and Revolutionary Guard commanders are killed, it's become additional common for Iranian media to debate the country's role within the Syrian war. Over the years, Islamic Republic of Iran has been a key ally for Assad's government and has provided it with monetary and military backing.

kishan valaiah ayula(Crazy)

Daredevil Kishan Valaiah Ayula, 47, from Telangana, India, could be a skilled steel swallower. The Guinness record holder astonishes onlookers by inserting twenty 2 swords into his throat. He has been active the harmful stunt for the past sixteen years. In 2011, Kishan was awarded the Guinness record for swallowing the foremost range of swords in one go.
Kishan Valaiah Ayula poses for a photograph once swallowing swords in Telangana, India. A SWORD-swallower has created a career out of inserting twenty-two sharp swords into his throat. Kishan Valaiah Ayula, from South Republic of India has been acting the harmful art-form for sixteen years, and has won a record for his steel-swallowing tricks. The 47-year-old began active by swallowing a calean and has currently cast a career as knowledgeable dare-devil. Kishan started acting

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Made by means of Regeneron pharmaceuticals, Arcalyst is a remedy costing 1 / 4 million greenbacks drug prices annually for patients tormented by Muckle-Wells syndrome, an unprecedented prescription drugs ailment characterized with rescription prices the aid of occasional fever, online pharmacy skin rash and joint ache, generic drugs according to the U.S. national Library "fastest expensive drugs"of drugs prescription drug prices. as the ailment progresses, it frequently leads to hearing loss and kidney damage.
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Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) afflicts between one in 10,000 and one in 50,000 people, inflicting generic drugs swelling in the hands, face and throat, in step with the Hereditary Angioedema association."costly expensive drugs" The circumstance also drug prices prescription drugs can cause belly pain, nausea and vomiting and can prescription drug prices online pharmacy rescript ion prices constrict airlines enough to be fatal. Derived from human blood, Cinryze is a $350,000-a-yr medicine to treat HAE.
Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) afflicts between one in 10,000 and one in 50,000 people drug prices, inflicting swelling in the hands, face and throat, in step with the Hereditary Angioedema association. The circumstance also can cause belly pain generic drugs, online pharmacy nausea and vomiting and prescription drugs can constrict prescription drug pricest airlines enough to be fatal. Derived from human blood, Cinryze is a $350,000-a-yr rescript ion prices medicine to treat "grate and expensive drugs".
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