However, apart from providing the body with omega-3 benefits, there are other various benefits of fish oil supplements. Some of those advantages are further mentioned below:
• Prevents heart diseases: Heart diseases are one of the main causes of death worldwide. However, several surveys show that people who eat fish witness lower rates of such diseases; this is because of the fish oil present. Similar results are seen in fish oil for kids. Starting supplementing early can prove to be beneficial in the long run as well. It increases the levels of good cholesterol which in turn heightens the overall number of good cholesterol when compared to bad cholesterol. It also comes in handy in reducing the levels of triglycerides by as much as 15-30% and helps in maintaining blood pressure levels.
• Helps treat mental disorders: Since our brains are made up of almost 60% of fat, out of which most of it is omega-3 fatty acids, fish oils help maintain and regulate normal brain function. Surveys have shown that a low content of omega-3 oils in your blood level can be the cause of certain mental disorders. Similarly, researches have shown that these supplements can further help in preventing and even improving symptoms of several mental and psychotic disorders. It also helps reduce symptoms of both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
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