American Online (AOL) is a free webmail that is hugely recommended by the folks all over the world. It has worked a lot on its services to earn this position. With all the upgradation, it has introduced with the new features, fixes bundles of bugs, get into the latest versions, security, and lots more. But, still the users can setback with the certain issues which might be looking simple, but in the near future it can turn out to be more problematic.
A lot of people have expressed about their experiences while using AOL Mail, especially after a lot of security AOL Account still gets hacked. A hacked email is a big issue in the present scenario as we entirely depend on it, no matter whether it is official mail, marketing mail, or anything. Hacked email can lead to privacy threat like your information can get into the wrong hands, identity theft, and lots more. The reason is you must have log-in to your AOL Mail account from different devices and forgot to log out.
Are you looking for the correct ways to fix your hacked AOL Mail? Well, then you need to read this entire short blog till the end to get the best results.
The root cause for AOL Mail hacked issue
 The network which you used for log-in to AOL Mail was hacked
 The installed security software wasn’t updated properly
 The AOL password was weak
 An AOL Mail user is engaged in sending phishing emails. Thus, stealing the important information.
The symptoms that AOL Mail got hacked
• Your AOL Mail password gets changed.
• In the sent mail folder, there are certain emails which you didn’t send to the respective recipients.
• The IP address is different
Troubleshooting tricks to fix AOL Mail hack
 You need to try to change the password of your AOL Mail account.
 Make sure you check the AOL Mail settings.
 Check whether the installed security software has blocked AOL Mail or not.
 Try to have a full scan of your system with the respective security software.
 You need to turn on the two-ways authentication processes.
We assume that the solutions listed above have helped you in getting rid of the problem entirely. In case, you fail to resolve the issue manually, or you need more help for the other technical issues which you have received while applying these steps, then you need to seek help from the specialists by calling on the AOL Customer Support number.


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