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Whenever you stay a 5-star luxury hotel, a high-level of comfort is experienced, especially when you go to bed. These hotels use special kinds of bedding products to provide the best sleeping experience. The interesting thing is that the type of luxury you can experience at home. No matter the type of mattress you are using, the real comfort lies in mattress toppers. They are a thick layer of bedding material which makes sleeping comfortable. The market is full of different varieties of mattress toppers to choose from. You may be wondering to know the type of topper the luxury hotels are using.

Feather & Down Toppers
What is the best mattress topper in Australia’s 5-Star hotels? It is a feather and down topper which has a correct proportion of these two materials. They are innovative design mattress toppers giving tough competition to modern style foam and latex toppers. With times, they have been improved to provide the best luxury to users.
A top quality feather and down topper have the filling of small feathers. The proportion is of 10% down and 90% feather. The Down is actually the belly part of ducks and feather is the upper part of the bird which has water repellent quality. The best quality topper has the filling of small feather which is capable of locking the right proportion of air to make the bed fluffy and luxurious.

The new design feather topper is divided into separate chambers and each chamber has the separate filling. The square shape stitching forms chambers that give the body maximum support. The innovative design distributes the body weight evenly in each chamber and gives the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. Each chamber locks air in equal quantity, giving bounce and luxury. Moreover, it is also comfortable for those people suffering from back pain.

The bedding material has the coverage of Japara fabric which allows migration of small feathers from one chamber to the other without causing ant spill. The cotton fabric is stronger enough to let the filling in its position.
The loft size is of 3-4 inches to add a layer of comfort. Every chamber has an extra filling of the feather to offer comfort.

The feather and down mattress toppers of luxury hotels are ordered from reputed brands to maintain quality. They make sure that the brand is reliable to offer high quality results and durable. Hotels order their toppers in bulk to save money.

They gave the topper for dry cleaning after 1 year or so usually because these toppers don’t need regular cleaning. They need to hang in the sun rays for once in 6 months to maintain quality.

Replacement of toppers is depended on how much it has been used. Hotels usually order in bulk to get discounts on the product. Bulk order saves lots of money.

Feather and down mattresses are number one choice of almost all hotels across the world. They are gradually setting a new trend in houses to get sleeping comfort as hotels have.


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