Pashmina has always been an indispensable part of people’s lives during the winters. For the same reason, we have come up with our online store- Phamb Cashmere Pashm where you can buy Pashmina Shawls Online. Whenever we talk about Pashmina, all that comes in mind is luxury and elegance it makes us feel. Men and women around the globe have shown a great love for this kind of fabric and always look forward to wearing such smooth and glowing fabric called Pashmina.

It is a fact that when you get to wear Pashmina shawls, you experience the most royal feeling. The worth of the same can only be explained by the person who is wearing it. Pashmina is well-known for its reminiscent designs and material that make it treasured for years. At Phamb Cashmere Pashm, we offer Pashmina Shawls Online that are talked for their warmth and softness. In short, these shawls are incomparable.

Kashmir is famous for its beauty like heaven,and so does their vision can be seen in the Pashmina shawls they weave. By looking at the beauty around, only beautiful things are created. Among the valley of Kashmir, this art form is practiced by men and women and results in the most comfortable, elegant, luxurious Pashmina Shawls. These kinds of shawls are in the process of making since the reign of Emperor Ashok. In the whole world, no one can produce the Pashmina shawls like they are presented in Kashmir.

Pashmina- A lot to say about but hardly get described in words!
Pashmina is not just fabric but a comfy feeling. It has come from the Persian word “Pashm” that means a weavable fibre precisely wool. The special breed of Kashmiri goats is the primary source of wool that is further used in making Pashmina. According to some researches, Zayn-Ul-Abidinis said to be the founder of the wool industry in Kashmir during the 15th century.

For many centuries, Pashmina has been the king of traditional wear. Not just today, Pashmina was also worn by kings and queens depicting their royalty status at peak. Their clothes spoke of their honour and status in which Pashmina was at the priority. We understand the love of people for Pashmina, and that’s why we have arrived with an online store known as Phamb Cashmere Pashm where you can buy Pashmina Shawls Online and adore its beauty.

Since the past few years, Pashmina has also become a symbol of status in society. We deal in the high-quality Pashmina shawls online crafted from very fine silk fibre. We have the team of experts who are well-versed in spinning, weaving and creating embroidery.We have shawls available in a variety of colors and designs depending on the budget you have chosen. Add this exclusive piece of cloth in your winter wardrobe today. Unquestionably, this fashion accessory will look the best on you and never let you lose your charm.

Explore Phamb Cashmere Pashm today and buy Pashmina shawls online!


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