As with cameras, the pleasant calendar you have is the one that’s with you. And with a crazy schedule, it’s realistic to find the nice calendar app to maintain on the one device you continually have on you—your smartphone.
But which calendar apps are the best? Are free calendar apps simply as desirable as paid alternatives? We’ve acquired you protected with a stable list of the 10 quality free calendar apps for Android and iPhone.

The fine calendar apps for Android and iOS

1) Dayhaps
Free on iOS, Android and Desktop
Dayhaps is a amazing free calendar alternative reachable both on line and as an app. It’s best for busy families. Obviously, you don’t have to have procreated to use the app, however it really shines with its color-coded household calendar that uses natural language to enter events, sends reminders to one, some, or all family members, and sends out a beneficial daily or weekly “family agenda” email.
Other useful aspects include shareable buying lists, to-do lists, and a recipe box that lets you schedule meals. There’s even a “Family Journal” section that lets you retailer pics and moments and share them from the app.

2) Pod
Free on iOS
Pod is described by way of the developer as “a calendar built for people.” With guide for all the important calendars, such as Google, Exchange, and iCloud, Pod gives you an intuitive, clean, and—dare we even say—intelligent scheduling solution. You actually connect your calendar, confirm your e-mail and get started. You can pick a light, dark or black theme, view your day by day agenda, and pick out to have a month-to-month preview at the pinnacle of your calendar view.
The Pod app also connects to your iPhone’s Reminders to display in the calendar. You can additionally select to enable iPhone maps, Google Maps, or Waze for location functionality. The clearly clever trick up Pod’s sleeve, though, is how it small print your tournament history with your contacts. Add any one to an match and you can faucet on them to see forthcoming and previous events, notes, and emails.

3) Informant 5
Free on iOS and Android
Informant works with all native calendars together with iCloud, Exchange, Outlook, Microsoft 365, Google Calendar, Yahoo, AOL, and more. It affords seven- or 30-day viewing options, colorings customization, tags, and emojis. Informant’s “Focus View” gives you an at-a-glance seem at your day, including weather. The “TravelAssist” function helps you to agenda activities taking area in different time zones.
If you cough up money for a subscription, you’ll also get to create tasks, tasks (via Siri, if you wish), checklists, notes, and reminders. Advanced elements consist of the potential to view emails and turn them into duties and the alternative to create templates for ordinary occasions and tasks.

4) Google Calendar
Free on iOS and Android
When you think about the first-rate calendar apps available, there’s no ignoring Google Calendar. If you use Gmail, then Google Calendar is a no-brainer for its clever integration. For one, your Gmail activities (like flights and tickets for events) are introduced to your calendar automatically. Unlike some different calendar apps, creating to-do reminders is free and convenient to do. Plus, Google’s clever tips make entering textual content into the calendar rapid and easy. Apple Health customers can benefit from Google Calendar’s integration. Your calendar will song your workouts, runs, or bike rides and mark your dreams as finished automatically.

5) Microsoft Outlook
Free on iOS and Android
The Microsoft Outlook app incorporates an entire suite of tools, including email. Outlook works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook.com (including Hotmail and MSN), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud. The Outlook calendar is a very clean, minimal tool that is each simple and comprehensive. Want to create an event? You can tag your Outlook contacts, mark an tournament as a Skype call, add a description, and set an alert to remind participants.
The choices to view your calendar—agenda view, day view or three-day view—let you take a look at your plans at-a-glance. Finally, you can quickly connect Outlook with your Evernote reminders, Facebook occasions and birthdays, Wunderlist tasks, and Meetup events.

6) TimeTree
Free on iOS and Android
TimeTree is every other remarkable option for households and groups. With the potential to sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, you can create more than one TimeTree calendars and share them with exclusive people. So you should realistically create separate family, work, and social calendars with color-coded occasions that you can view on a weekly or month-to-month basis.
TimeTree’s most fascinating characteristic is its capacity to team chat about an upcoming event. Once an match is created, everyone invited can upload comments, notes, and even images.

7) Tiny Calendar
Free on iOS and Android
If you prefer to get the most of out Tiny Calendar, you’ll have to pay. But this app affords respectable free functionality as well. Tiny Calendar syncs with Google Calendar and your mobile device’s calendar to supports activities on iCloud, Exchange, and more. The interface is smooth and straight forward with drag and drop, gesture controls, and the capability to add occasions with voice commands.
If you omit the design of your old analog agenda, Tiny Calendar offers you no much less than eight preferred views—day, week, month, four-day, year, mini-month, weekly agenda, and day by day agenda. Lastly, it’s really worth noting the Tiny Calendar app works offline. You can still create activities and edit your calendar when you don’t have a connection. The app will virtually sync subsequent time you’re in range.

8) Jorte
Free on iOS and Android
If minimalism capability nothing to you and you simply favor a customizable tool with a ton of data, then Jorte is your dream calendar. Jorte syncs with Google Calendar, Evernote, and more. You can create your own customized calendar and venture manager and revel in the capacity to exchange the background, font color and size, and icons.
It’s handy to view your monthly, weekly, or daily calendar and without problems create recurring events. Here’s where the information comes in: Jorte presents customers an choice to import match facts (sports schedules, weather data, movie and music release dates) into your Jorte app.

9) My Study Life
Free on iOS and Android
Although genuinely a niche offering, My Study Life is a very popular cross-platform planner for college students and teachers. The app gives users a unified device to see their classes, homework and projects, and checks (all stored safely in the cloud) on any device. You can also create tasks for homework, assignments, and revision and get reminders in the calendar. Looks-wise, My Study Life’s calendar affords color-coding and a smooth interface. And for students who have to leave their smartphones became off in school, the app works offline, syncing seamlessly when you can get again online.

10) ZenDay
Free on iOS and Android
ZenDay is a little exclusive than your average 2D calendar app. It offers a dynamic 3D timeline view of your tasks, calendar events, and reminders. The developer describes it as like a zoomable “GPS of your time.” You can think about people have a love/hate relationship with this interface, however this award-winning time administration solution has some serious fans.
ZenDay syncs with your current calendar and reminder apps and can let you be aware of what you’ve missed. There’s also a “debrief” performance that fees your performance to supply you comments on whether or not or now not you are achieving your goals.


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