The advertising agencies have expanded on a large scale these days covering huge brand endorsement. Many brands are finding these advertising agencies useful for increasing their popularity and sales in the market.
According to the reports of 2018, there is an increase of 14% in marketing through advertising and hoardings in Guwahati.

Types of Advertising Process
Various types of the adverting technique have been used by the advertising agencies for carrying out their advertisement.

• Newspaper and magazine-
It is a type of advertising that is used to promote the business by publishing the advertisement in the printed form throughout the paper and magazine.

• Radio- It is an ideal form of advertising process in order to reach the target audience.
• Television- Advertisement is played on it in the digital video format.
• Hoardings- In this type of advertising process, large boards are used to display advertisement and are installed in public places to be noticed by the large group of people inhabiting that area.
In addition to this many other types of the advertising process are also their like, online advertising, advertising through emails, catalogs, etc.


Hoardings in Guwahati are broad boards or huge structures installed in public places which is used for the display of advertisements. The hoardings are very useful in gathering huge public attention due to their huge size.
The hoardings, also referred to as billboards, are mainly installed in a heavily crowded area like heavy traffic areas. As more and more people are present in these areas, therefore, helping in the huge advertisement of the products and services.

Hoardings in Guwahati

The installation of hoarding in the streets of Guwahati is one such example representing its use and importance.
In Guwahati, hoardings are not only installed for products or brands endorsement but also involves the advertisement of awareness programs launched by the government for the welfare of the people.

Cost of Installation of Hoardings in Guwahati

The cost of Installation of hoardings in Guwahati or in any parts of India depends upon various factors.
• Duration-
How long the client needs their advertisement to be published on the hoardings.
• Size-
The size of the hoardings are an important factor for the advertisers seeking for their advertisement.
• Location-
The location of the installation of the hoarding is a must one should look for a huge advertisement for its product.
• Target audience-
The population of the audience around the hoardings installed also plays a key role.
In a combination of the above factors along with some additional factors, cost of installation of hoarding is decided.

Benefits of Hoarding Business
• It helps the advertisement to reach to a wide range of audience of all class.
• They play a key role in increasing the marketing of product and services of the companies in need.
• It helps in increasing awareness among the people for their benefits and needs.
• It plays a high role in involving the high mass of the audience.
• With its huge brand presentation, it leaves a deep and influential impact on the audience.

There are many types of advertising method available in the market with the main objective of branding of products and services. In many such methods,Hoardings play a key role. In big cities like Guwahati, the installation of these hoardings plays a key role in drawing the attention of the huge mass of people and hence increasing the marketing of brands.


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