Today, the majority of internet users are active on any of the social media platforms. Among all, Facebook is clearly the most popular one for obvious reasons. We perform tons of things on this massive platform including photos sharing, status, album, organizing events and many others. Well, with so much personal information stored on FB, maintaining privacy is of the biggest concern.
For this, Facebook has enabled plenty of new privacy settings that allow the users to control every part of their activity on their profile. The users can now hide their status, choose with whom they want to share their post, hide their friend list, and many more. Well, many people don’t want other people to see their friend list. Here, we will be talking about the hiding friend list issue and will be mentioning the steps required to do this. So, let us have a look.
Steps Required To Hide Friend List On FB
• Open any web browser installed in your system and sign in to your FB account in the first place.
• After you have logged in, go to your profile page.
• Next, you need to click on to the “Friends” option available on your profile page.
• Now, the friend list page will appear on the screen where other details regarding your friends will be given like all friends, recently added, new posts, birthdays, followers and following.
• After that, you need to click on the manage icon located on the right corner of your profile page.
• Next, just click on the “Edit privacy” button.
• Now, you can change your privacy settings in the friend list, following or followers option as well.
• Just set your privacy settings to “only me” option to make sure that your friend list is not visible to anyone except yourself.
Wrapping it up, these were all the steps that you need to follow in order to hide your friend list on Facebook. In any case, if you are not able to do it or facing any kind of trouble, then you can go for the Facebook customer service straight away. The certified experts will make sure that all your issues are resolved quickly.


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