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Gmail is one of the most acclaimed email services of the present generation which has the mind-boggling features, excellent speed, and robust security that has win the trust of the users all around the globe. It has over the years, improved on the services and always tries to provide its valuable users with the best services for which they have chosen it over the others. But, that doesn’t let you escape from its specific usual loopholes associated with it.

There are many common issues which the users might face in their daily basis of life. Some of the popular problems are Gmail sync error, can’t add other email account, numerical codes, can’t block the spam mails in Gmail, and lots more. Gmail error code 101 is familiar issue which the users complain to receive when there is any connection issue or they have completely lost all the connection to the server. The problem seems to be simple, but if the proper attention isn’t bestowed on it on time, then it may turn out to be severe in near future.

The Root Cause For Gmail Error Code 101-

 The network connection is weak or poor in the area
 Gmail server is down
 The wireless device has met with the manufacturing defect
 Gmail Account operations has failed
 Your system can’t recognize your Wi-Fi
 Your web browser has updation issue
 Windows 10 has downloading issue

Quick steps to fix Gmail error 101 on your system-

• You need to restart your system to fix the arising issue.
• Open the Gmail Account application on the web browser to check if the problem resolved or not.
• Check your network connection under which you trying to perform the task.
• Make sure your Wi-Fi device is working properly or not.
• You need to open the Gmail Account in another web browser to check whether you are having web browser issue or not.
• Go for installing strong security software in your system to stay protected from the viruses or malware.
• Delete all the caches and cookies from the web browser.

We assume that the listed ways have assisted you in getting rid of the problem which you were encountering for so long. In case, you are fail to resolve the issue manually or you need more help to for the other similar issue, then you need to seek help from the technician by calling on the Gmail Customer Support Number.


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