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Developed by Google, Gmail is a free web-based email service which is used in all across the globe today. It is much known for its 15 GB space capacity it provides to its users. Users are flexible to access the mail both on the web browser and through a mobile app on Android and iOS.
However, being a digital ground there comes technical glitches or errors say Gmail Down. During this, Gmail fails in their working mode and resists people in bulk from reading their emails. This may hamper their time and performance. Here in this article, resolving solution have been briefly described below:

How to fix Gmail Down?

If you are coming across Gmail down or is slow or isn’t working, then follow the steps given below:
Step 1: At first you may check that you are working with the correct browser that supports Gmail.
Step 2: Then, you verify browser extensions or applications
Step 3: Lastly, delete your browser’s cache & cookies.

Even Gmail has been popular for its intuitive, simple and easy to carry out the platform, it sometimes fails in their productive performance due to some technical bugs. The alarming issue is Gmail Server Error 007. Need not to worry, we have got detailed instruction to quick fix the concerned problem. Read and follow the steps one by one to get rid of the issue:

Indication- If your Gmail gets freeze i.e. you will be unable to perform any action on it, neither can you refresh your mail.

How to Fix Gmail Server Error 007?

1. Clean your browser removing all cache and Cookies

• Go to menu option(triple dots on upper right corner) of Google Chrome menu and click on Settings.
• Slowly move down by scrolling and click on “Show Advanced Settings”.
• Open the “Privacy tab” and tap on “Content Settings”.
• Now in Cookies option select “All cookies and site data”.
• Click on Remove All and then lastly click “Done”.
2. Check the Viruses and Browser Updates
It might look like a casual thing to know that you must scan viruses off your computer regularly but it is the most important step to keep your system error free. Secondly, your browser also needs to be updated. Chrome usually updates automatically. But what if it does not? You need to take care by regularly checking for updates.
3.Disable your web browser extension

If you have installed the browser extensions that are prior or easily acceptable to the Gmail error 007 then the browser might be the cause.
Below are the very simple steps to disable extensions on Google Chrome

1. Go on Google chrome then navigate to the upper right corner (Three Dots)
2. Choose “More Tools” and then select “Extensions”
3. Now, don’t forget to untick the “Enabled” box on your extensions

Disable Gmail Lab Background Send

Server error 007 can cause while enabling the background.Disabled.

1. Sign in into your Gmail account
2. Tap on dented gear icon situated on the top right corner
3. Now, click on settings and look for the lab tab.
4. Lastly, search “background send” disable it.

In case, you come across any misshappening related to Gmail you are free to connect with us and share your query. Its necessary to have an error-free stage for smooth functioning. Professionals soon work out on the concerned problem and revert with the relevant answer in no time. Make sure to provide the correct background details to the experts. The technical team is present all round the clock, 24*7 for the clients.

If you are facing Gmail server error you may connect Gmail Support Number and get assistance. Contact us.


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