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There are plenty of fibers, styles and colours of rugs that look aesthetically appealing. How do you choose floor rugs? These types of carpets are designed to enhance the appearance of your flooring as well as the entire home. Unlike wall hanging rugs, they are durable, ready to treat as a rough, resistant to stain and don’t fade away easily. Did you find your favourite floor rug? If you are searching, the guide provided below will help you in selecting the best.

Fiber Types
Let’s start from fiber selection because it is the prime material. Once you select the right material, evaluating the rest things would be easy. You will have to be practical rather than demanding to get the best material.
Wool is a natural fiber that we get from sheep. It is not only durable but also stain resistant with natural soil resistance quality. It is excellent for a long time. Since the natural fiber has excellent insulating properties to provide additional warm underfoot during cold seasons.

Jute is also a natural fiber that inherent natural beauty to any space. They are made of dried plant fiber and is maintenance free. Moreover, a jute rug is a comparatively cheaper option than wool ones.
A carpet of nylon is durable and has stain resistant quality when treated with stain protection. It is an excellent choice for homes having pets and children. It is perfect for living rooms with heavy traffic and stairs.
Polyester is well-known for its shiny and luxurious look. It is suitable for homes with a normal amount of traffic. A polyester rug stands for quality at affordable prices.

Carpet Construction
When it comes to selecting floor rugs, you will have to be careful of the construction along with the material you choose. Construction of the home accessory helps to evaluate its durability and price. One has to be careful of the twist and density per square inch. A survey claims that around 90% of residential carpets are made using a tufting machine, an oversized sewing machine.

Twist indicates how tightly the fiber is twisted. The tighter the yarn is twisted, the better the quality of the carpet. It withstands crushing. Many cut pile styles have 3 to 6 twists per inch. The highest twist levels can go up to 7-9 twists per inch.

Density indicates how tightly the fiber is packed. The closer the fibers are packed, the longer the life of the carpet. You can check the density of the carpet by giving pressure to the material from your fingers. If it is not pressed easily, it has excellent density.

Stain Resistant
If you have kids or pets, purchasing a stain resistant floor rug will be the best decision. The carpet stain resistant quality is evaluated by its fiber. Moreover, during the manufacturing process, post-production stain resistant treatments are applied to increase the stain resistant quality.

Dye Method
What is the dye method of the rug? Fibers are dyed before woven have stronger fade and stain resistance. It is called solution dyed. There is another method called continuous dyed which is performed during the post-tufting process. It helps to get solid colours.


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