The time has gone when you struggled to connect devices with the internet. Today, smart switches have made the internet connection smooth and uninterrupted. These switches are network switches, ideal for homes and offices. A network switch is a box connecting a number of devices together on a Local Area Network, best known as LAN. The local network allows you to connect gaming PCs, consoles and multiple machines. Users can buy a branded MOXA industrial switch online at attractive prices.

These switches are divided into two parts- managed and unmanaged. Let’s know about them in brief.


A managed switch is a smart device which can be properly managed and configured to provide a tailored experience to the user. It allows users to monitor the network and at the same time, get control over traffic. These switches act like Virtual Private Servers which allows users to change the setting, manage the device and configure.
Smart switches are managed with the help of a command line interface, a web interface or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to access remotely. Managed switches are divided into two categories- smart switches and fully managed switches. Smart switches offer limited options for configuration and are affordable than fully managed switches. They are ideal for homes and small offices. For enterprises and MNCs, fully managed switches are the best option because they offer a range of tools and features to manage the network.
Managed switches are designed for intense workloads and high amounts of traffic.

Unmanaged Switches

An unmanaged switch has been designed for homes and small offices. They are well suitable for those who don’t want to go technically to manage switches for networking. It works smoothly. Users have no control over unmanaged switches. They offer basic connectivity among network devices. They are a cheaper option for switches.


When you shop network switches, the foremost thing to do is to analyse your requirements. Do you want to use at home or the office? If you want to use it for home or a small sized office, an unmanaged or a smart switch can work well. For corporates, fully managed switches can perform well because they provide full control on networking.

Consider the speed. There are two options- Gigabit and Fast Ethernet. The Gigabit Ethernet works fast. If you want to experience high speed download, Gigabit can be an excellent choice.

Show your trust to a brand. When it comes to switches, local brands may attract you because of pricing. Take your time to evaluate the price and other factors like metal or plastic switches. You can compare the price and other factors. A well trusted brand like Moxa industrial switches can give you an assurance of long lasting performance.

Decide the brand carefully! Read the reviews to know what people are talking about the brand. You will have to give importance to the brand rather than pricing when it comes durability.


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